the Detroit works $24 & up

A precision haircut, shampoo, hot towel treatment, with a straight razor neck clean-up.

Buzz Cut $20 & up

A precision haircut, one guard, no scissors or razor.

Line Up $8 & up

A line up of the front hairline with the trimmers or straight razor.

Kid’s Cut $24 & up

A precision haircut for kids 10 & under. Excluding fades 

Shear cut  $30 & up

A precision cut for shoulder length hair or longer 

the gentleman's package   $55 & up

Precision haircut, 5min Scalp Massage, Partial Shave with a Hot Towel Treatment, Facial Waxing, all followed by a shampoo and straight razor warm lather neck shave. *Full Face Shaves not Included*

Head Shave $32 & up

A smooth shave with a straight razor, shampoo, hot towel treatment and neck clean up.

Detroit Straight Fade $29 & up

A straight razor fade haircut with a relaxing scalp massage/shampoo, hot towel treatment, and a straight razor neck clean-up.

Face Shave $26 & up

A smooth shave with a straight razor.

Neck Clean-Up $8 & up




Color  $28 & up

Cover up some of the gray for natural look, or cover it up completely. You decide.

Facial Color $12 & up

Color for your facial hair.


Eyebrows  $9

Centerbrow, Inner Nose, Ears $6

Scalp Massage 10 Minute – $10